The GICT community started getting together about 3 and a half  ago as it individuals realised that there were other Muslims on the island that they were not aware of. In Islam, whilst Muslims are obligated to pray five times a day (everyday, without exception) the most important day of prayer is Fridays (equivalent of a Sunday in Christianity and a Saturday in Judaism) and it is preferable that this be done in congregation. Hence during the second half of 2006, many of the community members were praying either alone or in small groups but towards the beginning of 2007, some individuals started looking for a central venue at which all members could meet for community prayers. This now achieved, they were now able to meet socially as well now giving families a chance to meet other families and to make the Guernsey experience more comfortable for everyone.  



One of the unique features of the Muslim community in Guernsey is that its members stem from every corner of the globe. The following are some of the community members and their countries of origin:

           Guernsey            Edries Roulliard and family

           Pakistan               Sohail Abdul Wadood and family

           South Africa        Irfaan Dalvie and wife (moved back to South Africa however actively contributing to the welfare of the Guernsey Islamic community)


In addition to the above, there are also community members from India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Morocco andEgypt.




As a means to ensuring that the community continues to thrive and keeps in touch regularly, we aim to meet at least once in every three months in the form of some social activity. These social activities usually coincide with one of the Islamic religious/holy days or with someone arriving on island or leaving the island. More recently the Community has also conducted fund raising activities through car boot sale and charity collections for the flood victims of Pakistan.